Challenges faced by emerging leaders in home care and hospice

Quality Control

Are you an emerging leader in home care and hospice with less than five years of health care experience or are you a clinician who crossed over to management? No matter how you describe yourself you may feel overwhelmed by all there is to know about the business side of the business. After you learn all of the acronyms – HHCoPs and QAPI for example – you need to know what they mean for your agency, best practices, and how to balance quality care delivery with cost savings.

The learning curve is constant in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry but we have a solution that could help you in the short term. Take our special add-on pre-conference session “How to Succeed When You’re New-ish in the Business” at the Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo in October. Considered a great value for the money, this class will provide the tools you need to get ahead. Don’t miss out!

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Leadership in Home Care and Hospice


In the home care and hospice industry, the only constant is change. Great leaders know how to manage it, and how to maintain employee morale and productivity when faced with frequent legal and regulatory hurdles.

There are things you can do to foster growth and to keep costs down. Stay nimble with Lean Management principles, identify transferable skills amongst your employees and cross train them, and analyze your agency’s Health Information Supply Chain (HISC) to decrease claims denials.

Learn how to make your agency and staff resilient at the 2017 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo in Long Beach. Register today!

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